LABEL ADD ON - Chloe Bear Strong
LABEL ADD ON - Chloe Bear Strong
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LABEL ADD ON - Chloe Bear Strong

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UPDATE: Chloe gained her angel wings on May 6, 2021 in the arms of her mom and dad at home, surrounded by family. 

JONES CANDLE CO. has created this fundraiser in hopes of spreading Chloe's story like wildfire & bringing the family as much help as we can!

Please read Chloe's story below.

Please meet our 1 year old daughter Chloe Sullivan - A.K.A. ChloeBear.
On Oct 5th 2020 Chloe was visiting her pediatrician for a checkup for what was thought to be an adverse reactions to her 1 year shots. Her pediatrician immediately knew that it was something far worse and sent us to get labs done on her at the emergency room. What was supposed to be a routine check up for an ill child quickly turned out to be every parents worst nightmare. Hearing a Dr come in and say... "YOUR CHILD HAS CANCER" was the single most worst moment of our lives. Your whole world is change instantly...FOREVEVER! The Drs in the ER said it was urgent that we get her admitted to Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital Stanford.

Our daughter was dying before our eyes. Her kidneys were failing, her white blood counts were in the range of 250,000. A healthy person has a WBC somewhere between 8-16,000. Chloe was extremely sick. Her diagnosis was childhood Leukemia with renal failure. It was life or death if she didnt get admitted asap.

The hospital had wanted to Mediflight Chloe to the Lucile Packard but due to Californias Wildfires they could not get a helicopter to fly. It was 3:30am and she was rushed by ambulance from Modesto to Palo Alto. Within hours of being diagnosed Chloe had began dialysis and chemotherapy.

After a lumbar puncture to test her bone marrow and another one to give her Chemotherapy in her spine, We soon found out that Chloe has AML- ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA. A type of Leukemia more commonly found in adults. Chloe was 1-500 kids diagnosed with this aggressive form of Leukemia in the U.S. yearly.

We have been here for almost 2 months living in the hospital as inpatients Mom dad and Chloe. Since arriving Chloe has been through soo much. Including- bone marrow biopsy, breathing tubes, central line placement, chemotherapy, dialysis, isolation(measles), blood draws, transfusions, CT scans, MRI, Xrays EKG, NG and NJ tubes, pokes....ect. Chloe has been poked, pricked and prodded.

She is constantly battling fevers and throwing up. Some days are better than others. Chloe has gone through more in less than 60 days than most of us will in a lifetime.

Since being admitted Chloe has completed 2 rounds of intensive Chemotherapy. Due to her aggressive form of cancer, Chloe can not come home from the hospital until she is ridden of her cancer. The treatment for that includes a bone marrow transplant. Only one, 10/10 match in the U.S. has been located for a transplant within the Bone Marrow Registry. Because of Covid 19 Chloe will not be getting a 10/10 transplant from a donor but a haplo transplant from Dad. A haplo is a 5/10 match from a relative. With recent scientific advances they show promising results from haplo transplants and Stanford does more of those than they do 10/10 matches. With that said we are expecting to be in transplant by February 2021.

Chloe still has a long hard battle ahead. More chemo, more meds, more days and nights confined to a hospital crib. Mom, dad and baby brother will continue to remain with her throughout transplant. Chloe also has 2 older siblings Christian and Kenzie back at home staying with family until they can return back to normal life.

Please follow Chloe and her journey. Your support is soo greatly appreciated through these trying times. Thank you for showing soo much love to our ChloeBear and our family Together we are #chloebearstrong
Chloe's fight is our fight

Please see their website below which includes other ways to donate.






ORAGE & GOLD RIBBON: Leukemia & Childhood Cancer